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Products we stock

Pets should live a full and natural life - as your number 1 Reptile Store, we want to provide you with everything you need to give your pets a fabulous life.  All products sold are tried and tested to ensure they are safe, suitable and effective for your animal. From many brands you may recognise such as Habistat, Arcadia, Reptile systems, Gigan Terra and more. Many products we sell you can see in our very own vivariums in store.Any questions please do get in contact.



We stock a wide range of reptiles, amphibians, arachnids and inverts. All of our live stock are sourced from UK based, reliable stockists or bred in store. We do not support wild caught animals.

The welfare of our animals is our top priority and for that reason we will not sell to anyone that does not have a genuine or well-researched interest in a species. Until sold, all the shop animals are our pets, so ensuring they find the best homes is paramount.

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