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Meet Imogen

Imogen studied at Sparsholt College and went on to complete an FdSc in Animal Management and Applied Science at University Centre Sparsholt. During her time there, she volunteered at the Animal Management Centre on site, specialising in the care and welfare of herptiles. Subsequently, she worked in other reptile shops before taking the leap to open her own in 2022. 

Meet Imogen

One goal. One vision.

Small World Reptiles want to ensure top-quality pet supplies, educational materials, access to breeders and more. The joy and satisfaction of seeing pet owners with their animals are extremely rewarding. We want as many people as possible to feel the way we do about animals, so we work with our customers to educate them, and provide them with everything they and their pets need for a fantastic life together.

A big focus is going to be on educating to a higher level of care in the reptile community by using the latest research to keep ourselves and our customers up to date with the latest best practices for your pet. 

Animal welfare will always come above the sale of the animal. To accomplish this, we like to have evidence of a set-up prior to selling you the animal. Get in contact to find out more. 

Our Vision
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